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This DIY Vision Book Can Help Spark Your Creativity in the New Year

January 11, 2017


It might still be January, but some of us might have already forgotten about our New Year’s Resolutions. Keeping track of your goals and dreams is a difficult task! A new year might bring a lot of motivation, but it’s important to remain inspired too. That is why you can now remain inspired with this DIY vision book.

DIY Vision Book

A vision book serves as a collective combination of a mood board, vision board, and a bullet journal. It’s where you can write down everything from your goals to memories of the new year. That’s why a vision book can help start off 2017. Use it to save recipes or simply post your favorite photos as inspiration. This DIY Vision Book is easy to put together too!


You need very few materials in this DIY project. I used a basic sketchbook as the base of my vision book. From there, I took my collection of washi tape, stickers, magazines, craft paper and other art supplies to prettify everything.

Watch the video to get an inside look of my very own vision book. The best thing about this vision book is that you can simply make it your own. Hopefully, you can get some ideas as I flip through my book!

What would you include in your vision book? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Please share your own vision books with me as well. 

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