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Mother-Daughter Businesses

7 Amazing Gift Ideas From Mother-Daughter Business Duos

May 9, 2017

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you probably know what it’s like to have a special bond with mom. These mothers and daughters prove that a close relationship could also double as a successful entrepreneurship. Ranging from tasty food to pretty jewelry, all these items would be great gifts for mom.

7 Mother-Daughter Business Duos

1. Good on Ya

Based in Canada, Valerie and Megan sell skin care products made from all natural ingredients. Their line delivers satisfying results from intense moisturizing benefits to the relief of itching and eczema.

Good on Ya,

2. The Curry Girls

Mother and daughter team—Peggy and Megan—bring families together with a gluten-free lifestyle. Since they are both gluten intolerant, they started their own business to inspire others to make high-quality food choices. If you love cooking with mom, you need to try this delicious pizza with a cauliflower crust!

The Curry Girls,

3. Origami Owl

When Origami Owl founder was 16, she created her first line of customizable lockets. Thanks to the help of mom Chrissy, she has now grown her business into a strong online community. You can tell your story with her Living Locket by choosing personal charms that represent passions and dreams.

Origami Owl,

4. My Delightful Cupcakery

As long as she can remember, My Delightful Cupcakery was Noami’s lifelong dream. Noami operates the most prominent cupcake shop with her mom, Melinda, Your own mom will love trying decadent flavors like Tiramisu and Samoa Ice Cream cupcakes.

My Delightful Cupcakery,

5. Smudge Boutique

Alison, a lifelong workaholic, has run various businesses. Now she’s able to work with daughters, Lauren and Carina, on Smudge Boutique, a women’s clothing shop based in the UK. The hardworking family team has now extended their small-run business into an online shop as well.

Smudge Boutique,


6. Bliss and Baker

Mother-daughter duo Laura and Natalie love rice crispy treats so much that they created a business just for the tasty dessert. How can you resist a bite of this childhood favorite with fun flavors like sugar cookie and coconut caramel?

Bliss and Bakery,

7. Tess+Tricia

Hi Gorgeous! 👋🏼 #tessandtricia #alwaysbelovely

A post shared by Tess+Tricia® Jewelry (@tessandtricia) on

The lovely team behind this handcrafted jewelry company involves natural textures, organic elements, and lots of heart. After all, a family that crafts together stays together.


Do you and mom share any hobbies and passions? Share them in the comments below! 

Author: Katina Beniaris

Born in Chicago, Katina has always been drawn to cities. She spent her college years in the heart of Chicago studying journalism and she travels to various cities every year for new experiences. When she’s not blogging, you can find her catching up on the latest pop culture sensation on Netflix.

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  • Sheena

    I love the idea for this post! Mother-Daughter duos for the win!

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