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5 Talks to See During Chicago Ideas Week

October 12, 2017

Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) returns this month from Oct. 16 to 22. The non-profit platform was built on one core belief, “When audiences of every background have access to thought leaders and innovative ideas, people have the power to spark change in the world.” Every year, new speakers take the stage to share their insight that can spark change in the world. Attendees can listen to a variety of topics from these well-known individuals all for an affordable price. If you’re hungry for some knowledge, check out these 5 CIW talks you don’t want to miss.

1. Life’s Big Questions

Life’s greatest mysteries make us ask so many questions. What is happiness? What is death? And the truth? Speakers, including actor Aasif Mandvi and Grammy Award-Winning Soprano Renee Fleming, weigh in their thoughts.

2. The New Sound of Music: When Producers Step into the Spotlight

Producers continue to define the music we listen to. But, these behind-the-scenes artists have changed the industry even more in the past few years. Find out more at this talk with producers and DJs, plus No I.D., a credited producer behind Jay-Z’s 4:44 album.

3. The State of Our Union

It sometimes feels like we’re stuck based on today’s political climate and Chicago Ideas wants to change that. Join the discussion about the differences in today’s America. Civic-minded leaders share their thoughts on what we should do for progress towards a better future.

4. Love and Friendship: This is How We Do It Now

Relationships are constantly changing as the world advances (swiping right has a whole new meaning now). How is this revolution of relationships changing the way we see dating, friendship, and marriage then? These speakers chime in to share their thoughts on this new age of human companionship.

5. Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class

Chicago Ideas presents a special event with WBEZ for a screening of Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class. The film focuses on acclaimed journalist Bob Herbert uncovering the discrimination and efforts black families have fought through in order to achieve the American dream. The screening follows a short Q&A between Herbert and WBEZ’s Natalie Moore.

Would you be interested to see any of these talks? Comment with your thoughts below! 

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Author: Katina Beniaris

Born in Chicago, Katina has always been drawn to cities. She spent her college years in the heart of Chicago studying journalism and she travels to various cities every year for new experiences. When she’s not blogging, you can find her catching up on the latest pop culture sensation on Netflix.

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