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  • City Reads: Big Magic

    You might recognize the name Elizabeth Gilbert from her acclaimed novel, Eat Pray Love. You know… the one that became a Julia Roberts movie where…

    February 1, 2018
  • How to Stay Organized at Work

    Almost every job requires organization skills. How else are you going to keep track of meetings and deadlines in your workday? For myself, it helps…

    January 30, 2018
  • City Bites: Latinicity

    Is it too late to redo my resolutions and add “visiting more food halls” to the list? Think of food halls as a foodie’s heaven filled with…

    January 25, 2018
  • 10 Cities with the Best Snow Days Ever

    Winter isn’t the easiest of seasons. In Chicago, we’ve already experienced way too many bitter low temps! Although, some of us still hold a soft…

    January 18, 2018
  • DIY Earrings Holder Frame

    Organizing jewelry is one of my favorite DIY projects because the end result doubles as a great bedroom decor. Jewelry is too good to end up in…

    January 16, 2018